These tools are made with our own strategies. If any investor wants to see his strategy transformed in an indicator or expert advisor, we can help by creating it.


MasterFX provides videos and tutorials for those who want to improve the forex abilities or to start learning about financial markets.


Development of Indicators and Expert Advisors to help the investor to be more profitable in the financial market.

About Us

is a group of people with experience in financial markets, who have decided to join and develop strategies and place them on indicators and expert advisors so that they can help other investors to get better results in their trades. MasterFX's goal is to support and teach all of those who want to learn or know more about financial markets.

Team Members

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Nuno Revez

Software Developer / Financial Consultant / Trainer

Developing software since 2001 he decided to dedicate his life as financial consultant and developing tools to help others to have better results in the financial market. Trader since 2013 always searching for the best strategy to work with.

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Daniel Albino

Software Developer / Financial Consultant / Trainer

Software developer since 2014, in 2017 he knows Nuno and starts helping him developing tools for the financial market. Financial Consultant since 2018 searching for the best strategy to work with.


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Learn the fundamentals of the financial market to become a successful investor. What is the financial market? Definition of forex, Forex basics, How to invest and Risk management.


How to Create a Good Strategy. Learn about some indicators and how they can be used.


Deeper knowledge about the financial market to become a good professional

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